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Resources for students providing food for thought, discussion and assignment content

The following information was originally presented as a kit for secondary school students to be used in conjunction with the 1999 Report of the Australian Catholic Bishop’s Conference on the research conducted on their behalf on The Participation of Women in the Catholic Church in Australia. The kit was intended to assist teachers to make the contents of the research known to young people. The time for this discussion with young people is over but the kit contains much information and resources around women’s participation in church and society that is relevant today. Within the kit topics the following information can be found as well as references to the research reporting what women said about each of these things.

It is hoped that these resources will continue to provide young women with food for thought, discussion and assignment content!

The Status of Women within the tradition of the Catholic Church

  • Patriarchy
  • Fathers and doctors of the church on women

Models of Divinity

  • Images of God
  • Historical context of the male image of God
  • Feminine images of God


  • Use of non discriminatory language
  • Practical examples of alternatives to exclusive male centred language

Gender roles within the Church

  • Historical context of women’s requests for greater gender equity within the church

Social Justice

  • Catholic social Justice Teaching
  • Areas of injustice within the Catholic church

Ethical Decision Making and Morality

  • "Theology of Dissent" in the Bible and in Church Documents

Women and Inter-Faith Dialogue

  • InterFaith Dialogue: What it is and what it is not!